Monday, 8 April 2013

InFocus ScreenPlay SP8602 High-Definition Projector

I don't know about you, but when it comes to my home theater experience
I like my screen to be as outrageously huge as possible. And when it
comes to high-definition displays, everyone knows that you can never go
big enough. If the TV doesn't fit, make the room bigger, right? I
remember when I purchased my first 46-in HDTV about a year ago I was
already thinking that it wouldn't be big enough. With the latest in home
theater high-definition projectors from InFocus, the ScreenPlay SP8602,
I doubt you'll be wanting for a larger screen anytime soon. How does a
300-in display strike you?
The InFocus ScreenPlay SP8602 is one badass projector. This thing just
might refuse to work if you decided to put it in your office. It needs
to be in a home theater and here's why. The SP8602 features InFocus' DLP
DarkChip technology along with their InFocus BrilliantColor
implementation and native 1080p resolution. The SP8602 brings its
30,000:1 contrast ratio to the table along with high-performance optics,
and the latest in high-definition connectivity. As for brightness, you
can't go wrong with the SP8602′s 1300 lumens. This is certainly
going to come in handy in those rooms where you just can't get it dark
enough for some lower-end projectors to be effective.
The SP8602 also sports Digital Gamma correction and Variable Color
adjustment that uses a range of 1.07 billion colors (that's billion,
with a B) and a 6-segment color wheel that is designed to give
ultra-true blacks and spot-on color reproduction. No more washed out
movies. And before I forget to mention it, this high-definition
projector will beam out a 300-in screen. Just in case you were
wondering, that's 25-ft. I am guessing that you'll need a room big
enough to take full advantage of this feature, but mounting the thing in
your neighbor's house across the street might be another option.
A couple of other neat features include automatic ceiling detection that
will flip the image from the projector when you mount it upside-down
from the ceiling. And if your house has walls that aren't exactly smooth
and flat you can make use of the SP8602′s image warping feature to
adjust the picture. There's no word yet on pricing for the InFocus
ScreenPlay SP8602 high-definition projector, but you should expect to
see them sometime in October.
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