Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dell Launches U2410 & ST2410 LCDs In US

What? You didn't hear about it either? In a move characteristically
uncharacteristic of Dell, the computer giant decided to launch two new
24-in full-HD widescreen LCD displays into the US market and it seems to
have taken place while most of us were sleeping. The two monitors, the
UltraSharp U2410 and its less feature-rich cousin the ST2410, offer up a
couple of interesting items of note, but as a whole aren't much to get
all that excited about.
Let's take a look at the UltraSharp U2410 first, because it's really the
more interesting of the pair. For starters, the U2410 is Dell's first
nearly 100% color-accurate 24-in display model. What enables it to get
this close is its in-plane switching (IPS) panel that covers all of the
sRGB color space and almost 100% (96% for those of you keeping score) of
Adobe RGB. It has integrated color calibration and sports an impressive
80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (1000:1 static) with 12-bit internal
color rendering. As for connectivity, the U2410 supports DisplayPort,
DVI and HDMI for fully digital sources as well as component, RCA and VGA
for analog.
And just so we didn't think that they were only after those with an
inordinate amount of expendable income, Dell also launched a more
cost-conscious version, the ST2410 (see image below). Just like the
slightly more attractive and well-endowed U2410, the ST2410 offers up
full HD at 1920×1080 resolution, but at a pared down 50,000:1
dynamic contrast ratio. It also uses a less color-rich twisted nematic
(TN) panel so you shouldn't expect the color matching abilities to be
anywhere near as impressive as those found on the U2410. Dell has also
cut back on the connectivity by offering only DVI, HDMI and VGA on the
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