Monday, 8 April 2013

Dell Introduces Studio XPS 8000 and XPS 9000 PCs

Dell have just added to their performance PCs lineup with two new Studio
XPS models, the Studio XPS 8000 and XPS 9000, running on the new Intel
Lynnfield Core i5 and Core i7 processors.

Out of the two, Dell Studio XPS 8000 is the lower priced product. With a
chassis design that features a tray for both peripherals and better
airflow, under the hood there's a Core i5 2.66GHz quadcore processor and
an ATI Radeon HD4350 dedicated GPU to give good value for money
performance. The base model with 4GB of RAM, 500GB HDD and a DVD burner
starts at $799.

The Dell XPS 9000 is the higher end series and represents one of Dell's
most powerful entertainment desktop computers. Designed for those who
insist on raw power to tackle tasks such as high definition 3D gaming,
the XPS 9000 runs on Core i7 processors, packs up to 2TB of storage (in
a RAID stripe) and starts from $899.
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