Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Datacolor Spyder3Express Monitor Calibration System

When it comes to getting accurate color representation from your
computer's display, it's a safe bet to say that most people haven't a
clue. This type of anal-retentive behavior is most often the stuff that
professional photographers and graphic designers are paid to worry about
not your average Joe with a point-and-shoot in his fanny pack. But let's
be honest, when you take a picture, no matter who you are, you want your
leaves to be green and your sunsets to be orange when you check them out
on your monitor at home and when you go to print them out. The color
obsessives at Datacolor have just brought monitor calibration to the
masses with their latest product, the Spyder3Express Monitor Calibration
Datacolor's Spyder3Express was designed with the consumer in mind. It
has two of the most important attributes of any winning technology in
that it is both easy to use and inexpensive. The Spyder3Express is
designed to give the user accurate, reliable and consistent colors every
time. This means that your pictures, both black and white and full
color, will have the same colors that you remember when you first took
them. In order to make it easy on the first-timers, the Spyder3Express
monitor calibration system comes with an intuitive user interface and is
compatible with both Mac and PC. Datacolor was also kind enough to
include unlimited license seats so you can calibrate every monitor in
your house no matter how many you happen to have.
If you are concerned that you're not getting the right colors from your
monitors you can get your own Spyder3Express Monitor Calibration System
(MSRP $89) wherever electronics and photography gear is sold. More info
on this and the entire line of Spyder3 calibration systems you can visit
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