Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cricket UM185C Wireless 3G USB Modem

If you've been paying attention than you probably know that Cricket
Wireless is one of North America's largest and fastest growing
pay-as-you-go wireless providers. If you haven't been paying attention,
wake up. Pay-as-you-go providers are making inroads and upsetting the
status quo. No longer do you have to get saddled with long-term
contracts or spotty, low-cost carriers. You can get low-cost, great
coverage, and the freedom to move on if you decide they aren't meeting
your needs. In an effort to keep their momentum going, Cricket has
announced the introduction of their new UM185C wireless USB modem for
use on their 3G high-speed network.
The UM185C was created to provide unlimited portable wireless access to
the customers of its current 3G network. The modem isn't that much
bigger than a typical USB flash drive. It measures a compact
2.7×1.33×0.59-in and weighs too little to even mention. It
also features a swivel hinge so you can keep it all closed up when it's
not in use. On the tech side of things, the modem uses tri-band CDMA
technology and sports an internal antenna that won't get in the way when
you don't want it to. It also has little LEDs that will blink to let you
know if you're connected to the network and it comes with the
installation software pre-installed so you won't need a CD.
The new Cricket UM185C wireless 3G USB modem is available for sale now
at Cricket retail stores, retailers, and online at As
part of a limited time introductory offer, the modem is available for
free after an $89 instant savings and $50 Visa mail-in reward card
offer. If you want access to the Cricket 3G network, the service costs
$35 per month for existing Cricket mobile phone customers and $40 per
month as a standalone service.
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