Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Corsair HX650W Professional Series Power Supply

The heart of any home computer system is often thought to be the CPU or
even the hard drive. But what happens when there's no power? You wind up
with one really expensive paperweight, right? Most users often overlook
the critical nature of a computer's modular power supply until it's too
late. As a growing subset of the computer market, high-end gaming
machines are often fitted with power supplies that are either oversized
for the application or underpowered, leading to key performance
degradation over time. Neither of these is acceptable and the folks at
Corsair have decided to help with their latest product introduction, the
Corsair HX650W Professional Series modular power supply.
Corsair, a company known for their high-performance computer memory,
power supplies and flash memory products, announced today that they
would be adding another power supply to their Professional Series
product line. The new Professional Series HX650W modular power supply
joins the multi award-winning HX750W, HX850W and HX1000W as part of
Corsair's Professional Series of PSUs. All of the PSUs in the
Professional Series feature a low-profile modular cable set, super-quiet
operation, and eco-friendly efficiency.
As so eloquently stated by Jim Carlton, VP of Marketing at Corsair, The
Corsair HX650W is ideal for enthusiasts and gamers who are looking for a
highly efficient, quiet, modular power supply, but don't need the higher
wattages offered by the other PSUs in the Professional Series.
According to Corsair, the HX650W offers a power level more suitable for
mid/high-spec PC builds, such as those based on Intel's Core i5 and Core
i7 'Lynnfield' processors.
The Corsair Professional Series HX650W is constructed of rugged,
industrial-grade components and delivers the vast majority of its total
power output (96%) on its single 52A +12V rail. The Professional Series
HX650W is also tested and guaranteed to operate at 100% load at an
ambient temperature of 50?C. It also boasts a unique cabling
configuration that uses flat modular cables to help maximize airflow
through the chassis.
The HX650W also sports a sophisticated, energy-efficient circuitry
design that is touted as a way to both maximize energy savings and
minimize heat generation. The design meets 80 PLUS BRONZE certification
standards that ensure a minimum efficiency of 82% and typical efficiency
of 85%.
The Corsair Professional Series HX650W modular power supply is available
now with an MSRP of about $130. You can get more info on this and all of
the other Corsair products by visiting
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