Wednesday, 3 April 2013

BenQ S35 Joybook & S43 Joybook CULV Notebooks

BenQ have officially confirmed that they are entering the increasingly
trendy CULV (Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage) market with the unveiling of
two new notebooks in its Joybook series in the form of the 13.3 Joybook
S35 and the 14 Joybook S43 which, thanks to embracing ULV technology,
offer supreme endurance of up to an impressive 11 hours (S35) thanks to
reduced power consumption and an optional battery pack.
Billed as being 'designed to the everyday-use standards of businessmen
and serious Internet surfers' BenQ's two new Joybook netbooks gain their
ULV credentials in no small part thanks to utilising Intel's ULV CPUs
– namely Intel's Core2 Duo SU7300, Core2 Solo SU3500 and Celeron
723/743 – which, along with an optional 8-cell battery pack will
see the S35 manage 11 hours on a single charge whilst, if using the
standard 4-cell battery it'll to good for up to 5.5 hours. The S43, on
the other hand – the more powerful of the two, boasts 5 hours
usage during charges using the standard 6-cell pack which, whilst not
quite as impressive, is still hardly to be sniffed at.

In terms of additional components both of BenQ's new ULV Joybooks sport
1366 x 768 resolution UltraVivid displays powered by Intel GMA4500M iGPU
and ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 graphics solutions (S34 and S43
respectively) whilst also packing integrated webcam and microphones,
stereo speakers featuring TruSurround HD technology and HDD capacities
topping off at 500GB. Additionally you can also factor in eSATA,
wireless connectivity (802.11b/g/n WLAN) as well as an 8X DVD
Super-Multi optical disc drive – though the latter is reserved for
inclusion in the S43 only.

Our new Joybooks employing ULV components are tailored to enhance the
digital lifestyle enjoyment of a very specific consumer: one that
desires the portability and affordability of a netbook, but requires the
higher functionality of a notebook. The S35/S43 is the clear, distinct
solution between these two categories of laptops. Said Peter Chen,
General Manager of BenQ Technology Product Center who introduced BenQ's
latest Joybooks which, for the time being at least, seem destined for
the Chinese, Taiwanese, and the Asian Pacific markets only.
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