Monday, 8 April 2013

Asus Designo MS LCD Monitor Range Unveiled

Asus have unveiled a new range of ultra slim LCD monitors known as the
Asus Designo MS Series which consists of five models taking in a swathe
of screen sizes – specifically the Designo 23.6 MS246, 23 MS236,
22 MS227, 21.5 MS226 20 MS202 – and which, thanks to their
particularly swanky aesthetics, are sure to turn more than a few heads
when they eventually hit retail.
Billed as set to 'astound users with a perfect combination of
exceptional style and picture quality' (Asus have never been ones that
are backwards in coming forwards in terms of press release gambits) the
new Designo MS LCD Monitor Range, which are purportedly 'inspired by the
binary state' – which translates to them featuring contrasting
stylistic elements (like the numbers 1 and 2 Asus remind us, just in
case we've forgotten exactly what binary's all about) – come in at
a decidedly sleek 16.5mm thickness whilst positively packing in the

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