Sunday, 14 April 2013

Apple Multitouch Input Revealed in New Patent

Apple s patent says that the multitouch interface will be able to
interpret the signals from your fingers and palms to determine what you
re going to do. Actions will be triggered only at certain times as the
UI would know when not to react to your movements. We have barely
scratched the surface here but I can only say that I m already waiting
to see Apple s tablet in action.

Responsible for the application is Wayne Weterman of Fingerworks an
Apple-owned company which also works on the development of the iPhone.
I only tell you this because I can t but wonder who is implementing
multitouch support in Microsoft s tablet the Courier. As you can see,
the user interface of a tablet PC will turn out to be a key features for
some professionals that need a tablet in their lives. Good looks and
cool specs will simply not suffice if the tablet won t be able to
comfortably suit most of our needs!
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