Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Walmart Shopper Creates Chaos Smashing 29 LCDs 23-year-old Westley Strellis Taking Its Fury Out on Flatscreen TVs, Being Held in Jail Now

We all have bad days wishing to crush everything that gets near us, but
every sane person knows that letting go to such emotions could get you
in trouble. So what? would say 23-year-old Westley Strellis who walked
into a Walmart outside of Atlanta smashing nothing less than 29
flat-screen TVs with an aluminum baseball bat that he took from the
sporting goods section.
According to reports, when the Police came, Strellis was sitting quietly
on the floor of an aisle, probably knowing what's going to happen to
him. After managing to smash 29 LCDs worth some $22,000 and creating
an unimaginable chaos, the Georgia man is now charged with a whopping 29
counts of criminal damage to property. What's funny though, when put in
cuffs, Strellis invoked the Fifth Amendment right that usually protects
against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure . He's now
being held in the Gwinnett County Jail.
The whole incident has been taped on video by the store's security
cameras and although the quality is poor, you can see how easy it is for
the guy to create rampage.
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