Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Nokia N98 Slider Smartphone Gets Leaked Successor of the N97, the Nokia N98 Fails to Impress Yet

When I first saw the Nokia N97 and got a hold of its official specs and
features I was more than excited. For a few days I even thought we have
an iPhone competitor on our hands. But soon after I realized that

it was all smoke and mirrors. Yes the N97 has some impressive components
inside, and yes it can be a dependable smartphone but it s not the
smartphone that we want Nokia to make.
This time around I won t be fooled that easily. It looks like we have a
N97 successor which is going to be called the Nokia N98. Clever name
there, right?
The device has been conveniently leaked before MWC, an event where Nokia
is not going to officially attend. The Finnish cell phone maker does
have some official press event scheduled during MWC, only it won t be
included in the regular MWC proceedings. The N98 could be officially
unveiled but we ll take a look at it right now, a few days before the
official start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
The N98 is apparently a slider phone featuring a large 4-inch
touchscreen display and full QWERTY keyboard. Other features include
32GB on board storage and Symbian S60 OS.
The handset is rumored to arrive by the end of the year and it s
apparently going to cost you around $619. That s a steep price to pay
for a smartphone but then again the N98 might not be that popular with
some carriers, and, just like its successor did a while ago, it will
have to retail for the full, unsubsidized price.
We have no way of confirming the Nokia N98 yet so don t get too excited
about it. One particular thing that tells me this isn t the real thing
is the presence of Symbian S60 on board. I mean, shouldn t we be running
Symbian v3 or even v4 by Christmas 2010?Read | Or scroll down for
further on topic reading.

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