Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Microsoft Windows 7 Anti-Piracy Update Due this Month MS Update to Address Over 70 Windows 7 Activation Vulnerabilities Exploited by Hackers

Seeing that Alex is very much focused on Microsoft related news this
morning I thought I d jump in with a little more MS related news too
specifically concerning a new Windows Activation Technologies Update,
which is due to land this month, that is designed to address over 70
activation hacks that are currently being exploited by software pirates.
The new Windows 7 Activation Technologies Update which, interestingly,
will not be a compulsory update but rather an optional download the,
should the user not install it, will not block future OS updates (are MS
getting soft?) will also work behind the scenes once plugging known
activation loopholes to address any future vulnerabilities found by MS
thanks to checking in periodically for additional fixes (that it ll duly
install in order to address).
Aside from obviously wishing to cut down on piracy concerning its newest
OS, MS also see the optional update as very much being in end users
interests as a recent study made in Germany found that of several
hundred illegal copies of Windows 7 offered online around a third
transpired to come complete with malware.
We do see malicious code–everything from easily discoverable
malware to keyboard recording, he said. There's all sorts of things
we've seen that puts our customers at risk and their data at risk.
The Windows 7 Activation Technologies Update is set to release from
February 16th via Microsoft s �Genuine web portal followed by a
release via MS s Download Center and then, once again, via Windows
Update where it ll be flagged as �important though, as stated above,
it ll remain optional (for the foreseeable future anyhow).
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