Wednesday, 25 April 2012

iPhone zoomIt SD Card Dongle Available from zoomMediaPlus zoomIT SD Card Reader & App Lets You Copy From the iPhone to SD Cards and Vice Versa

In case you hate connecting your iPhone and/or iPod touch to a computer
every time you want to add or remove photos and other files from them
then today you ll be interested to see a new solution that should help
you better manage you mobile storage space. The zoomIt SD card reader
and iPhone app will basically let you copy stuff from and to your iPhone.
All you need is a dongle that connects with the iPhone through the
30-pin port and a few SD cards. Thanks to the zoomIt application you
will be able to transfer photos, music, movies, Microsoft Office docs
and PDF files to and from the SD card. zoomIt can even read/write
protected SD cards which is one more reason for checking the dongle out.
The application will also let you share photos through email, Facebook
and Flickr but it comes with a rather steep price. zoomMediaPlus will
sell the dongle and app for $59.95 in April but for a limited time you
can take $10 off that price by pre-ordering for a zoomIt now.
Don t press that buy button just yet since you should rather know all
the facts before acting on your shopping impulse. As you already know,
Apple has launched the iPad last month but it also announced a few handy
accessories for it. Among those, there s a dock adapter that will help
you transfer files to and from the iPad to your cards. What s even more
interesting is that the device only costs $30 so in theory you d be
saving not $10, but $30 should you choose it instead of the zoomIt.
On the other hand, although the iPad has the same 30-pin port the iPhone
and iPod touch have, that doesn t necessarily mean that Apple s dock
connector will also be compatible with the iPhone and/or the iPod touch.
Which means you might have to buy the zoomIt for the full price in case
the Apple s adapter won t work with the iPhone.Read | Or scroll down for
further on topic reading.
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