Monday, 30 January 2012

Sony DSC-TX5 Camera New Sony Point- -Shoot Camera is Rugged, 10-megapixel sensor

Sony unveiled their newest point-and-shoot camera yesterday. The DSC-TX5
is what Sony calls rugged , as it can go underwater and survive certain
drops. In fact, Sony says it&#821

7;s the world's smallest certified waterproof digital camera. The camera
will have a slim compact design and will also be carrying a
10.2-megapixel censor.

As said above, this camera is slim – really slim. It's a
sub-compact type that's roughly the size of the deck of cards and Sony
suggests you can fit it in your pocket or purse . Oh yeah, it's also
pretty durable. It's waterproof until 10 feet (and for one hour only),
and can survive drops up to five feet. It's also dust-proof and is
protected against cold and hot weather.
The sensor is Sony's Exmor R type. The lens is made by Zeiss and the
DSC-TX5 can take 720p video at 30 fps. On the backside, it's got a
three-inch LCD screen that can even be used underwater, wet or dry. Like
a lot of cameras these days, it also offers some basic (very basic)
photo editing features on-board the camera. Other features include
facial recognition and a panorama feature.
The camera also has an on-board Bionz processor (no Cell, Sony?) that
uses a HDR (High Dynamic Range) engine to compensate for heavy
backlighting, like taking a picture with the sun on the frame.
If this new point-and-shoot catches your eye, you can expect Sony to
start shipping them this April. The expected retail price is $350.Read |
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