Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: Rumor Says Apple Will Demo iPhone OS 4.0 on March 14th New iPhone OS to Be Unveiled Next Month, News Yet to Be Confirmed

X_ta wrote:
> p>With HTC monopolizing the MWC with its great Android handsets and
> Sony Ericsson showing off their astounding Xperia X10 that went
> straight to our hearts, we wouldn't blame any of you not remembering
> that the iPhone is still alive and kicking. And when I say that, I'm
> trying to get your attention as one of our sources has been tipped off
> that Apple will demo iPhone OS 4.0 on March 14th .
> For now, there's nothing official about the new iPhone OS being
> unveiled next month, and if we think of it March 14th falls on a
> Sunday — leading us thinking that it could be nothing less than
> a hoax, a good one that interrupted our MWC coverage and have caught
> the eyes, once again, over the Apple brand. On the other side, knowing
> Apple and their marketing model that concentrates on surprising
> everyone , it somehow keeps us dreaming.
> So what do you guys think? Will Apple actually take a Sunday off and
> demo the new iPhone 4.0 OS on March 14th?Read | Or scroll down for
> further on topic reading.
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