Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: Giant App Store Rival Taking Shape at MWC 2010: Wholesale Applications Community Twenty Four Companies Join Forces to Create โ€�Open International Applications Platformโ€ ; Wholesale Applications Community Is Born

X_ta wrote:
> The fact that Apple changed the whole smartphone business with its
> iPhone followed by its very successful App Store is something even
> Cupertino s worst enemies secretly agree with. No wonder Steve Jobs
> won the �Personality of the Year � at MWC 2010 without Apple actually
> being part of the Spanish show. But it looks like various
> manufacturers and carriers all over the world have joined forces to
> fight the �evil. � In this case we re talking about a giant,
> universal, �open international applications platform � that should be
> able to somehow stop Apple s App Store expansion and counter the
> effects it has on people. No less than twenty four companies have
> decided to team up and form a new giant App Store rival. Carriers like
> Verizon Wireless, AT T, NTT DoCoMo, Deutsche Telekom, China Mobile and
> Vodafone are going to work together to implement the new apps
> platform. They will be joint by America Movil, Bharti Airtel, China
> Unicom, KT, mobilkom Austria group, MTN Group, Orange, Orascom
> Telecom, Softbank Mobile, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Telenor Group,
> TeliaSonera, SingTel, SK Telecom, Sprint, VimpelCom and Wind. These
> companies alone service over three billion customers around the world
> so theoretically their joint mission could be successful. Furthermore,
> supporting this initiative are LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Even the
> GSMA thinks it s a good idea so we ll be really interested to see who
> everything will turn out. This impressive alliance will apparently
> use JIL and OMTP BONDI requirements and turn these standards into a
> common standard in the following 12 months . What they want to do is
> to �ensure developers can create applications that port across mobile
> device platforms � which doesn t sound that bad. But will such an app
> store really work out? Will it be popular? Will it be profitable? Will
> developers be interested in working with this Wholesale Applications
> Community alliance? In 12 months time Apple will sell even more
> iPhones, iPod touches and iPads. The App Store will grow a lot more
> and it will be really difficult to beat by any of its competitors. It
> s funny how some of the carriers mentioned a
> bove already sell the iPhone in various markets and some of them are
> even advertising its App Store. Are they going to promote both stores,
> one the alliance app store takes off?
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