Monday, 30 January 2012

Nokia Preparing Qualcomm Phone CEO Says Nokia Preparing Symbian Phone With Fast Processor

Nokia and Qualcomm used to be bitter enemies as they waged a war with
each other via lawsuits and lawyers. But, now they're working together
and the CEO of Qualcomm let it slip that this year, we can expect Nokia
to produce a Symbian phone that'll be running a Qualcomm processor.

Qualcomm processors are highly coveted, not only do they produce fast
ARM-style processors for small gadgets, but IntoMobile reports that
their chipset platforms that manufacturers use when developing a new
smartphone provide, not only a powerful processor, but GSM/3G
connectivity as well as WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth.
Nokia made their mobile Symbian OS open source earlier this year, which
is largely being ignored (you'd the the world's most popular mobile OS
going open-source would be a big deal – but I digress). With the
source code being open, that gives developers more possibilities.
Likewise at MWC, Nokia showed off the new Symbian^3 mobile OS, which is
(in layman's terms) a finger-friendly mobile OS for the touchscreen
smartphone generation.
This news isn't just exciting for the possibility of a Qualcomm
1GHz-powered Nokia Symbian^3 smartphone. It's assumed that Nokia's
software engineers will add support for Qualcomm processors back into
the open-source Symbian kernal, meaning that anybody can produce a
Qualcomm-powered Symbian phone in the future.
No word on when we can expect this Qualcomm-Symbian-Nokia superphone,
but the folks at IntoMobile speculate that we'll see it late 2010/early
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