Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Samsung Adds E61 eReader To Their Lineup Samsung Adds Third eReader, 6-inch ePaper Display

At CES last month, we covered Samsung's reveal of two new eReaders, the
E6 and E101. Today at the ISE Conference in Amsterdam, Samsung took the
opportunity to unveil a third eReader to their lineup, the E61. Unlike
the other two, it won't have a touchscreen, but will instead feature a
Kindle-like physical keyboard.
As you can see i
n the picture above, the E61 looks pretty good, it's smaller and slimmer
than the Kindle, but has the same screen size, 6-inches. The reports out
of Amsterdam aren't clear if its an E Ink screen or another variety of
ePaper. The 6-inch screen will have a resolution of 600 x 800 pixels.
It will have 2GB of onboard memory, which will be expandable with a
microSD slot. It will have WiFi connectivity, but cell connection like
the Kindle. For file formats, it will support PDF, plain text, and the
popular ePub. The keyboard can be used for searching, like on the
Kindle, but also for some notetaking features.
Also, a nice feature that these Samsung readers have but the Kindle
doesn't is the inclusion of a removable battery. Each of the readers
will have their own lithium-ion battery that can be removed and easily
There isn't any word on a release date for the E61, but you could expect
it to arrive in the first half of 2010 like the other two in the line.
Likewise, nothing on pricing but with the smaller screen and no
touchscreen, you'd hope it would be cheaper than the E6 and E101.
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