Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Printers of the Future: Portable, Efficient & Eco-Friendly Today’s Bold Printer Designs to Become the Printers of Tomorrow

We have plenty of gadgets to play with but we still require printed
material to go about our daily business. While we can read eBooks
instead of regular books, buy digital frames instead of printing photos
and replace all our printed bills with virtual ones we still require
printers. So how will the future of these beasts look like? What kind of
printing machines should we employ in order to help save Earth while we
re printing only those words that needed to be printed?
Today we have some versions of the future printer for you. They are all
highly portable, a lot more efficient and eco-friendlier than regular
printers. But that doesn t mean we ll see them in stores today, does it?
First off I ll show you my favorite design, a portable printer for the
busy professional. Sure we have highly portable devices like
smartphones, netbooks and tablets at hand and they can help us print
wirelessly tons of documents. But the printers themselves are not
portable like the Stick POP. This portable printer measures 23cm by 6cm
and you can carry it anywhere with you. It offers USB connectivity and
an OLED screen on top of the bar that can display printing status.
Pretty cool you say? I totally agree.
Moving on to our next concept of the day we find the Pencil Printer. Not
quite as portable, the device will definitely do its job. Simply insert
a pencil in the appropriate sharpener and the lead will be used for
printing your precious documents. That way you won t be required to use
any actual ink. The downside of the process is that the printed words
are erasable. In fact, what if I told you that this particular printer
can also erase the paper once you don t need it anymore? Well it can do
that so, there, you can �save the tree. �
The last concept is not exactly a printer but it will come in handy
putting words on a piece of paper. Assuming that you tech-lovers still
like to write the regular, non-keyboard way, I ll show you the �1+1=1.
� I know my math and this has nothing to do with it. It s a long pencil
made up from two stubs united by a piece of rubber. How many stubs do
you throw away each year? Well while you wait for the Pencil Printer to
arrive, why not save earth this way.
This article would love not to be printed but if you must do so please
get one of the two printers we ve shown you today before pressing print.
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