Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Canon Rebel T2i DSLR Revealed New Canon DSLR Features 18-megapixels, 1080p Video, $900 price

Big day for the folks from Canon, as they not only showed off their new
line of point-and-shoot PowerShot cameras, but at the high-end they also
released information on their new DSLR, the Canon Rebel T2i. It's got
what you would expect from Canon's new flagship DSLR camera, including a
18-megapixel censor.
In addition to the 18.1-megapixel still photos, the T2i will be able to
take full HD 1080p video. Of course, the advantage of using a DSLR for
video is that you've got full control over the exposure and the T2i will
also offer selectable frame rates (30, 25 or 24 fps) and multiple,
optional microphones. It records in H.264 – and cutting the
resolution to 720p or standard def will let you record in 50 or 60 fps.
Regarding the new emphasis on video, Canon's general manager of the
consumer camera division said this in the press release, There is no
question that HD video is the biggest trend in DSLR technology and
because of this we are seeing the creativity of still photographers
transferring to the moving image. Still photographers are using the
various lenses and accessories they are already familiar with to create
amazing video footage.
The T2i will offer an ISO range of 100 to 6400 (which can be extended up
to 12,800). Other features to get the camera enthusiasts excited is the
inclusion of an 9-point AF. The camera will also take bursts of 34 JPEG
or 6 RAW at 3.7 FPS.
To round out the features, it's got a 3-inch screen on the back, and
it'll take SDHC or SDXC memory cards. Canon is selling it for either
$899 with a 18-55mm lens or simply $799 for the body. This camera will
be Canon's new high-end, with the T1i being the mid-level DSLR and the
XS being changed to the entry-level camera. The XSi is being
discontinued. Expect the T2i to land in March.

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