Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Windows Mobile 7 User Interface Gets Leaked WinMo 7 UI Features Multitouch Support According to Leaked Screenshots

Now that the whole hype around the iPad is finally over we can focus on
the next hot rumor in town. That s Windows Mobile 7, in case you didn t
know it, the new mobile OS which is supposed to revive Microsoft s
mobile enterprise.
Windows Mobile 7 is expected to be officially unveiled at the MWC 2010
which is going to take place in Barcelona, Spain between 15-18 February
So far we know that Microsoft has confirmed talking about the new mobile
OS this month and we also happen to know the new hardware requirements
for the phones that are going to run Redmond s �latest creation. �
It looks like Windows Mobile 7 has everything needed to fight well
against the iPhone and most importantly against Android. Google s OS is
rapidly becoming one of the number one choices for various manufacturers
and that makes it the most important threat for Windows Mobile 7 right now.
What we don t know is what Windows Mobile 7 will actually look like.
Sure we ve seen various rumored screenshots of Windows Mobile 7 early
versions in action but they were never confirmed. We also have no idea
as of what new features will the new OS bring, but at least we heard
today that native multitouch support is definitely included.
The screenshots you re looking at come courtesy of Jeremiah Whitaker, a
freelance designer that has been working on the UX design of Windows
Mobile 7. NDAs agreements which he had to sign in order to be able to
work on Windows Mobile 7 prevent him for actually sharing all the
details of his work. But the screenshots here are part of his portfolio
and they clearly show pinch-zoom movements that definitely indicate
multitouch support.
We will be waiting for more leaked screenshots depicting Windows Mobile
7 in the following weeks. After all Microsoft should be able to build
enough buzz around Windows Mobile 7 this year. They surely need all the
attention they can get.

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