Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Samsung SHW-M100S Unveiled New Android Phone Features 3.7-inch Touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera

Internet speculation put Samsung revealing a new Android phone at next
week's Mobile World Congress, however, they've decided to take the
covers off early on their newest creation, an Android 2.1 smartphone
dubbed SHW-M100S, which really needs a catchy marketing name.
Samsung has said that the phone will be powered by an unnamed 800Mhz
processor, and with internet speculation (and common sense) putting it
as a ARM-11 based processor
, possibly of Samsung's own design. The large 3.7-inch touchscreen makes
it clear that this phone is going after the big boys. While we've seen a
lot of mid- and low-end smartphones that feature small touchscreens
– this new Samsung phone has one that's bigger than the iPhone and
the same size as the Nexus One.
The camera will feature a generous 5-megapixel camera, and the cameras
in Samsung mobile phones are usually pretty good. The phone will be able
of taking 720p video and playing it back. No word on what kind of
storage it will have (probably a microSD slot), but it will be capable
of playing back DivX video. It'll have an on-board DTV chip, as well as
a detachable antenna for getting that mobile TV reception on the go.
It'll be running Android 2.1 (which I like), but wrapped up in Samsung's
TouchWiz UI (which I really hate). The phone will feature GSM cell
bands, but is only coming to South Korea. The phone is launching with SK
Telecom in March, with pricing unknown

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