Saturday, 4 December 2010

Logitech Touch Mouse iPhone App Available Now, For Free Logitech Free iPhone App Transforms iPhone & iPod Touch into a Multitouch Wireless Trackpad & Keyboard

Personally I ve always been somewhat of a fan of Logitech and this shows
no sign of abating anytime soon thanks to Logitech release a free iPhone
and iPod Touch app that acts to transform your iPhone/iPod Touch into a
wireless trackpad and keyboard.
The Logitech Touch Mouse iPhone/iPod Touch App " which is free, just in
case you hadn t got that " works by harnessing the respective devices
WiFi connectivity allowing you to �point, click, scroll and type from
afar, in any application, on a Mac or PC with text input being
helpfully displayed on your iPhone/iPod Touch as your type.
Logitech Touch Mouse iPhone/iPod Touch App Key Features:Multi-touch
trackpad with the option for two or three mouse buttonsTwo-finger
scrollingKeyboard with Control, Alt, Command/Windows keysOn-screen text
display while typingShow or hide the keyboard at any timeTrackpad and
keyboard are available in landscape and portrait modes
The Logitech Touch Mouse iPhone/iPod Touch App " which, incidentally,
is gaining great user feedback (I m getting it myself as I write this)
" is yours, for free (I said that already , didn t I?) right no via the
iTunes Store (kudos to Logitech).

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