Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The JooJoo Tablet Is Officially In Production The JooJoo Tablet Will Begin Shipping This Month With Flash, An App Store

The JooJoo tablet, announced in December by Fusion Garage, is now
officially in production and nearing a ship date later this month.ย
While that other tablet had a pretty big release last week, the JooJoo
tablet isn't just posing serious competition to the iPad, it may arrive
sooner– and with improved functionality.
The Jo
oJoo tablet is currently in production, according to Fusion Garage CEO
Chandra Rathakrishna, and shipments of the 12-inch tablet will begin
this month.ย The JooJoo tablet will ship with an app market and full
Adobe Flash support, unlike the Apple iPad which is scheduled to ship
next month.
The 12-inch JooJoo tablet, while promising, will remain aย mystery
until it begins shipping or is at least given independent press
reviews.ย Fusion Garage's CEO has not yet disclosed what processor is
powering the device, nor are there too many details available about
JooJoo's OS.ย What it does promise, however, is a full web experience
with Flash and HD-capable video playback at a 720p resolution.ย With
pre-orders climbing since its announcement in December (along with an
apparent spike after the iPad announcement), we hope to have some real,
tangible news about this device by its promised ship date later this month.
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