Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dell Latitude 13 Business Light Gets Official Latitude 13 Notebook Thinner than Expected, Available Soon from Dell

It s not that thin to be part of the Adamo family but the
notebook in the picture is definitely interesting. The Dell Latitude 13
is a business laptop that happens to come with an unusually slim and
thin design, not that it s a bad thing.
The Latitude 13 looks pretty similar to the Vostro V13, another Dell
creation shown here at TFTS in December. The Latitude 13 is a business
oriented machine and it s expected to arrive in stores in a few weeks.
Pricing details are not available at this time but we expect this baby
to be priced starting at $450. That s basically the starting price for
the V13 too although we ll have to wait a while before everything
becomes official.
The Latitude 13 has been made confirmed by Dell and it s currently
described as the �world s thinnest 13-inch commercial client laptop. �
It s not MacBook Air but instead it s the business laptop solution you
are expecting for.
The Latitude will come with specs like 13-inch LCD, Bluetooth, 802.11
b/g/n Wi-Fi and WWAN connectivity and optional external Blu-ray external
drives. The laptop is also said to offer you a preinstalled Citrix
client, �easier virtualization options, and an IT-friendly
infrastructure for distributing system images for software solutions. �
We can t confirm all the other specs but we expect the Latitude 13 to be
similar to the Vostro V13: up to 4GB RAM, six-cell battery, webcam, a
choice of Intel ULV processors and Windows 7 running neatly in the
background. You will probably be able to get your Latitude 13 with
Ubuntu Linux on board but Windows 7 should really be the way to go.
Microsoft s new OS has come a long way from Vista and it s currently the
best sold computer OS available on the market.
Naturally we will be waiting for Dell to include the Latitude 13 in its
online inventory before we can confirm specs, features and pricing details.

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