Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Barnes & Noble nook eBook Reader Gets Firmware 1.2 Nook Firmware 1.2 Features Unveiled; Update Available Soon to Download

Barnes Noble s n
ook was the perfect competitor for the Kindle for a couple of months.
Then came the iPad, a tablet that can also double as an eBook reader.
And Apple s latest creation has changed the rules of engagement in the
eBook business already. The nook is still a very interesting eBook
reader and a great alternative to any of the Kindles. But will it be
able to face Cupertino s latest creation in a few months?
Barnes Noble is certainly going to put up a good fight and while it s
too early to talk about a second-generation nook or even compare the
content that s going to be available for the nook and iPad, we do have
some good news for you. The nook is getting ready to receive a firmware
update and you should be able to get v1.2 installed on your nook soon.
All nooks sold starting today will come with the new firmware version
pre-installed and current nook users will be able to upgrade their
readers starting today.
Here s a list of features that version 1.2 brings to the table:Enhanced
in-store seamless connectivity to enjoy free Wi-Fi, with More In Store
content promotions exclusively for Nook owners Improved opening of
eBooks and ePeriodicals Improved response to Reading Now and Settings
buttons Current reading page and bookmarks on all eBooks are properly
saved when you power your Nook off Eligible LendMe eBooks in your
library have LendMe flags Easier navigation of daily subscriptions with
issues rolled into one folder Improved back button functionality for
navigating eBooks and ePeriodicals Personal files downloaded and
displayed in My Documents can be sorted by author and title Overall
system improvements and battery optimization.
As you can see there s nothing really spectacular going on here but it s
good to see that Barnes Noble is working on offering us an even better
nook experience. Go ahead and upgrade your nook and tell us how it all
works out for you. And in case you don t have one yet, it s decision
time again: iPad or nook?
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