Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Apple iPad Front-Facing Camera Slot Revealed iPad to Come with a Webcam on Board After All?

Sure, I get it, Steve Jobs doesn t want to have anything to do with
Adobe s Flash when it comes to his ba
by project. I also understand that although we want it now, multitasking
will probably arrive only with the next generation iPhone. What I don t
get is why not offer at least a front-facing camera, a webcam if you
will, to future iPad customers?
Most netbooks out there have webcams. And I thought that netbooks don t
have what it takes to be a better device than the iPhone and/or the
MacBook? How can the iPad be better than these two products when it
doesn t have some basic specs and features?
The front-facing camera is something we could have used on a regular
basis. While we re at it, I ll have to say that a front-facing camera
could have been a great addition to the iPhone 3GS. Three years after
Apple launched the iPhone and we still don t have a Cupertino-made
handset with two cameras on board.
Getting back to the iPad it would seem that there s physical evidence to
point out that there is in fact a spot in the frame that could be used
to insert a front-facing camera. The news comes from Mission Repair, a
company that received replacement iPad enclosures.
The spot in the picture would fit a MacBook-like webcam. The lens, LED
and ambient light senor will all have their proper space inside the
frame. So why not reveal this feature? Why keep it under wraps? Is the
webcam going to appear in a future iPad 2.0? Will we see it get official
in two months from now when the iPads arrive in stores?
Although the iPad has been made official already there are still plenty
of rumors surrounding it. Besides the front-facing camera unconfirmed
pictures here, people are still talking about CDMA-ready iPads for
Verizon and we heard how Apple might launch a Mac OS X-running tablet in
the future. Will you get an iPad?
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