Monday, 29 November 2010

Nokia Doesnโ€�t Like Appleโ€�s โ€�Biggest Mobile Companyโ€ Claims Nokia Corrects Steve Jobsโ€� Keynote Claims; Nokia Still Number One Mobile Company

One strange thing happened during the iPad
keynote this week. Just before Steve Jobs unveiled the new product he
showed us again Apple s performance during these last few years. At a
certain moment he claimed that Apple is �the largest mobile devices
company in the world. � He wasn t talking only about iPhones but about
MacBooks and iPods too.
Steve Jobs even placed the Apple logo on top of Nokia and I bet the
Finnish company really hated that moment. In fact, Nokia decided to
respond to Apple and set the record straight. Apparently Nokia is the
�biggest mobile company by far � and it has been the biggest mobile
company for the last 12 years.
Mark Squires, the head of social media for Nokia wrote on the Nokia blog:
sometimes there are articles floating around on the sphere that get my
blood pressure rising to what my doctor is prone to call an
�unreasonable level for a man of your years/weight/physical condition'.
Reading coverage of one of our competitor's much hyped web pad event
this week, I was surprised to see that, by revenue, they were claiming
in their leader's keynote to be the largest mobile devices company in
the world �.
The difference between the two companies is even larger if you use the
more common measure: the number of devices sold. By that comparison,
Nokia has been the largest mobile devices company in the world for a
dozen consecutive years.
In case you forgot, the two companies have sued each other and both
filed with the ITC in order to ban the imports of the other company.
Will Nokia go after Apple for these �biggest mobile company � claims?
We ll just have to wait and see whether Apple will want to publicly
answer to Nokia in the following days before we decide who shall win
this pissing contest.
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