Monday, 29 November 2010

ASUS Eee Pad Tablet Confirmed The Same Day Apple Tablet Debuts ASUS Exec Picks a Bad Day to Reveal Plans for Eee Pad Tablet

Not sure about you guys, but I was thinking that no other company would
even dare to make any official announcements today, as Apple is all
geared up to bring some amazing news that will take the tech world by a
storm. However, it looks like ASUS don't care much about the whole hype
around the Verizon iPhone release date, the iPhone 4.0
OS or the highly rumored Apple Tablet, and today, Vice-president Eric
Chen, has confirmed the company's plans to start manufacturing the ASUS
Eee Pad tablet.
What's even more interesting is that the company exec didn't bring much
to the table except for the obvious ARM-based processor, 3G connectivity
and the fact that ASUS is paying particular attention to the user
interface, comparing it with the iPhone. You look at the iPhone, for
example. The reason the iPhone is so successful " and call quality is
really not that good " is the UI function, I think, is just the best.
So this is also the way that we need to improve, he mentioned.
Other than the above, the Nvidia Tegra 2-powered Eee Pad is also going
to play video or something, when you like ; and can we speculate it's
going to be 720p quality, and not 1080p?
For now there's nothing official regarding availability and pricing, but
does anyone care, knowing that in 1 hour mark, Steve will be on the stage?
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