Monday, 29 November 2010

Archos 7 Tablet Specs Leaked Android-powered 7-inch Archos Tablet Revealed

Today, details on an exciting new tablet were released to the public.
No, not the ASUS Eee Pad, and not any other tablets you may have heard
of. I'm talking about the Archos 7 tablet, which will be the bigger
version of the Archos 5 tablet. The 7-inch tablet will be running
Android, which seems to be Archos' OS of choice for such a thing.
The Archos 7 tablet wil
l be running Android, with the 7-inch touchscreen coming in at a
resolution of 800 x 480. The UI has turned some heads, as the
screenshots of the device show it having the Google Experience and the
included internet-enabled apps (Maps, Market, Gmail) but no web browser,
which would be an odd exclusion for a tablet.
Not much is known about the internal workings of the device, other than
it'll have 8GB of flash storage when it ships. For comparison, the
Archos 5 tablet will come with an 800MHz processor and 128MB of RAM
– and so it's likely the Archos 7 will come with comparable stats.
According to leak, the Archos 7 will have a forward facing webcam, a
dual speakers, and a microphone, all of which the Archos 5 didn't have.
Archos is/was better known for their PMP products, which, back in the
day, were a strong competitor to Apple's iPods. It should be no surprise
that Archos is going to have a strong media playing capability on their
tablet. The Archos Media Center software (that plays media on the
device) is being revamped from previous Archos tablets. It will now have
support for lyrics plugins as well as high-quality APE codecs.
It's being released in March in the UK with a price of pound sterling150
($243). No word on a release date in the US, but the Archos 5 is being
sold in the US for $250, so expect it to be sold for at least that much.
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