Monday, 20 September 2010

ViewSonic VPC08 MID/Phone Revealed ViewSonic's Smartphone Runs Windows XP, MID-Style Design

Previously, we've seen the Bphone and the XPphone, and now we can add
the ViewSonic VPC08 to the list of UMPC-style smartphones. The VPC08,
like the others, fits into a UMPC-like form factor, and is running a
full version of Windows XP. ViewSonic, who is better known for their
monitors, is the most well-known company we've seen producing these things.
Previously, the VPC08 was called the XPphone by some tech sources, but
that name is actually the name of its own product, being made by ITG
(see the deep link above). As for the VPC08, it'll be packing an Intel
Atomย Z500 processor (clocked at 800MHz), which is actually the fastest
processor we've seen in these things – as usually they come with
some flavor of an ARM processor.
The phone will have two displays, the 4.3-inch one you can see above
that will be used to run the computer part of the phone, and a smaller
2-inch one that will run the phone software. We haven't seen any
pictures of this mysterious smaller screen, we're presuming that when
the device is closed, it'll be on the 'lid' of the phone.
The phone specs feature 512MB of RAM, and an 8GB SSD drive for storage
(you've got to wonder when it goes from being a SSD drive to just a
stick of flash memory they threw in). It'll operate on GSM bands, and
the phone will be 3G capable, and WiFi will also be an option.
The phone will likely only be released in China, and will have a
recommended price of ยฅ4,800 ($704).
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