Friday, 10 September 2010

T-Mobile Motorola MOTOROI Release on the Cards? Motorola MOTOROI Headed for T-Mobile US Hints Motorola Leak

Having offered you an initial heads up concerning the Motorola MOTOROI
back last week (see: Motorola MOTOROI Android Phone Official in Korea)
and having followed up with news that the Motorola MOTOROI is set to hit
the US this Spring (see: Motorola MOTOROI Android Phone Coming to the
USA This Spring) speculation based on a leak from Motorola themselves
would hint that the Motorola MOTOROI is to see its US release courtesy
of T-Mobile.
The speculation that the Motorola MOTOROI will hit the US via T-Mobile
hinges on a leak from Motorola that stated that a new version of the
Motorola Droid sans slider keyboard is headed for the US carrier and, in
this respect, its not a massive assumption that said device is in fact
the Motorola MOTOROI (the device has the same display, comes sans slider
keyboard and runs Android OS 2.0)
Adding to the speculation " as nothing is yet to be officially
confirmed either by Motorola or T-Mobile at this juncture " is the fact
that the FFC have approved a new handset known (like the Droid) by the
codename �Sholes which, according to the FCC documentation, offers
full support of T-Mobile s 3G network.
Of course, it could transpire that all the above relates, not to the
Motorola MOTOROI , but to another as yet unknown tablet style phone but,
personally, we wouldn t bet against this T-Mobile device transpiring to
be the MOTOROI in line with the current speculation.
The moment we get any further information that confirms or refutes the
above we ll naturally offer it up asap
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