Sunday, 12 September 2010

T-Mobile HTC HD2 To Boast More Storage Than Euro HD2 US T-Mobile HD2 To Offer More RAM & ROM, Primed for WinMo7 Update?

If you re US based and the much praised HTC HD2 (otherwise known as the
HTC Leo) is of interest to you " and you ve not taken the jump to avail
yourself of a HD2 via a grey-market retailer " then you ll doubtless be
following the news that T-Mobile are set to launch
the HTC HD2 in the US with some interest. As it stands, whilst we cannot
offer you a specific date of release of the T-Mobile HTC HD2 in the US
" aside to confirm that you re looking at sometime this Spring " we can
now confirm that the payback for being patient (the HTC HD2 has been
available in the Euro zone for some time now, as you ll probably be
acutely aware) is that you ll find your HD2 bundled with significantly
more storage capacity than is the case with the Euro HD2 " in fact, you
re looking at some 14GM more capacity to be exact.
Yes, its been confirmed, the US T-Mobile HTC HD2 will come bundled with
a 16GB microSD memory card as opposed to the (in comparison somewhat
lame) 2GB memory card that s being bundled with the Euro HD2. And, if
16GB isn t quite enough for you you ll also be given the option of
snagging a 32GB memory card.
And, that s not all, as you can also factor in 576MB of RAM versus the
448MB of RAM offered in the Euro HD2, which will allow the T-Mobile HTC
HD2 to run more simultaneous applications than the Euro version. Oh, and
you can also factor in twice as much ROM which may, or may not, indicate
a push to WinMo 7 via an upgrade following its release (no confirmation
on this yet, but the increased ROM certainly points towards this being a
viable option).
So, if you re US based and you re getting increasingly impatient waiting
to get your hands on the 1GHz CPU, 4.3 � 800 x 480 resolution capacitive
touchscreen touting, HTC HD2 perhaps, just perhaps, this will stem your
impatience just that while longer.
There s no word as yet concerning T-Mobile s pricing structure right now
but the moment we get this info we ll be sure to pass it along.
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