Friday, 10 September 2010

Nokia Mystic Smartphone Leaked New Symbian Phone Leaks On Vietnamese Site, 5-megapixel camera

Most industry leaks we see in the tech industry are usually poorly
scanned documents or hastily taken pictures from a camera phone.
Vietnamese site iTech.vm got a great scoop as they offered actually
high-quality pictures of a purported new Nokia smartphone, the alleged
Nokia Mystic.
As you can see, the phone doesn't look that bad. It's running Symbian
S60 5th edition and features a full physical QWERTY
. Nokia sells more cell phones than anybody in the world but their
marketshare is consistently shrinking – and they've lost the
mindshare of the tech community who has adapted to iPhones and Android
Last year at their big Capital Markets Day press event, Nokia told the
press that they would cut their smartphone offers in half in order to
focus on quality, not quantity. This sharp looking smartphone, probably
is apart of that plans, pending of course, if its real.
As blog SlashGear points out, we have seen a few Chinese cloned phones
that are NokLas (as opposed to the BiackBerry a friend of mine
bought). It's possible that this phone is a Chinese rip-off.
As far as specs, we don't know much other than the 5-megapixel camera
(thanks to the big 5 MEGAPIXEL that's printed below the lens) and that
it is show running Symbian S60.
It's lack of a touchscreen and inclusion of a physical keyboard will
likely peg it in Nokia's E-series of smartphones, which are usually
priced mid-range and aimed for hardcore texters and e-mail users. No
word on it's real name, pricing, or anything else.
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