Sunday, 19 September 2010

New Apple Tablet Unofficial Pictures Emerge New Apple Tablet Rumors Include Leaked Pictures, Pricing Details and Future Content

With one day to go until Apple reveals its tablet the web is filled with
more rumors regarding the device. As you can see we have more �leaked �
pictures of the tablet in action although, as always, you ll have to
take them with a grain of salt.
We already expect the tablet to be like a larger iPhone but this
particular design seems to lack the iPhone s home button. And we do
expect it to have at least one button, don t we?
Moving on to more rumors we ll tell you that the tablet seems now be
called the iTablet according to some sources. We ve talked about the
iSlate and the iPad before so we re definitely confused. Naturally Apple
will not confirm any of these names yet so we ll find everything out
tomorrow. What s your guess on the tablet s future name?
One of the most interesting tablet-related rumors is saying that the
device won t cost nowhere �near $1,000, as has been reported elsewhere.
� This news comes from publishers that have had inside access to tablet
details but, again, don t get your hopes up just yet. That way you won t
be disappointed tomorrow when we reveal the true price of the tablet.
And, if you ask me, $800 is still awfully close to $1,000 so without a
clear number we can t exactly talk about how affordable the new tablet
will be.
When it comes to written content it looks like Apple is working on its
own eBook distribution model and publishers will get more pricing
control for their eBooks. Apple is comparing everything with Amazon s
model and Cupertino will definitely have to offer a better deal to
publishers in order to convince them to bring their content to the
tablet. Furthermore Apple compares moving from the Kindle to the tablet
like switching from black and white television to color. It will be
interesting to see how Amazon will respond to these claims once they
become official.
Unfortunately all that content is going to be available later this
summer which means that you ll have to find other things to play with
while you re waiting for more eBooks to appear.
We will definitely be back with more rumors since it s very likely to
spot more unofficial stories as we get closer to Apples tablet-centered
event. And some of them will surely be confirmed in just over 24 hours
from now.Pictures from
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