Sunday, 19 September 2010

New AMD Athlon II & AMD Phenom II CPUs Unveiled New Athlon & Phenom Processors Aimed at the Budget Conscious

AMD have unveiled a new range of CPUs in its Athlon II and Phenom II
range of processors consisting of three new AMD Athlon II CPUs (namely
the Athlon II X2 255, Athlon II X3 440 and Athlon II X4 635) and two new
AMD Phenom II CPUs (namely the Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition and Phenom
II X4 940e).
The new range of AMD processors, which are priced pretty competitively,
are obviously aimed at those looking for budget priced Windows 7 systems
and, accordingly, the most expensive CPU on offer in the new range tops
at just $169 (Phenom II X4 940e ) whilst the cheapest, the Athlon II X2
255, comes in at just $74 " though it should be stated that these
prices are based in bulk ordering so you can expect them to be somewhat
higher if you re looking to buy �off the shelf .
In terms of clock speeds, the aforementioned $74 65W Athlon II X2 255
offers up 1GHz which is followed up by the 90W 3GHz AMD Athlon II X3 440
and the 95W 2.9GHz AMD Athlon II X4 635 whilst, in terms of the new
Phonom II s you re looking at clock speeds of 3.2GHz and 2.6GHz for the
80W Phenom II X2 555 and the 65W AMD Phenom II X4 910e respectively.
Interestingly, and for some unknown reason (which probably boils down to
creating consumer interest alone) only the Phenom II X2 555 is labelled
as being a Black Edition CPU " make of that what you will.
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