Sunday, 12 September 2010

ITG XPphone Gets Prices, More Details Smartphone Running Windows XP Gets $400 Price Tag, 8GB Flash Memory

While it isn't as notebook-like as the Bphone we covered some time ago,
the XPphone is certainly an oddity in the smartphone market. It's no
secret that all sorts of small gadgets (digital cameras, MP3 players,
MIDs) are facing stiff competition from smartphones that are increasing
in their abilities, and this XPphone seems to be a UMPC that had phone
functionality added on. We first covered the XPphone last year, but now
new details are coming out.
The XPphone will be running AMD's Geode LX 800 processor (which clocks
in at 600 MHz). The Geode is a low-power processor that was commonly
popular in UMPCs and very ultraportable notebooks (what we'd call
netbooks today) before Intel came out with their more powerful Atom line
of processors. It'll have 512MB of RAM and 8GB of flash storage (with
Windows XP using up 1.5GB of hard storage for its system files).
Obviously, there won't be any sort of dedicated graphics processor. The
screen will be 4.8-inches and will run at a resolution of 800 x 480, and
as you can see, will feature a full physical QWERTY keyboard.
It's worth noting that manufacturer ITG told website that
this will be the base configuration and buyers will be able to spend
more money for more RAM/flash memory/etc.
For connectivity, it will run on GSM bands, and will have WiFi,
Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. It will get released in its native China
first for a price of ยฅ3,000 ($439), and a US/European release is planned.
Our original report on the XPphone said that AT T, Vodaphone, and Orange
were interested in carrying the phone. You may want to pass, considering
you can pay less for a more powerful netbook, but obviously the
attraction here is having a full desktop OS on a mobile phone.
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