Sunday, 12 September 2010

Dyson Reveals Dyson City DC26 Handheld Vacuum The Dyson City DC26 Brings Dyson Power Down To Size

Vacuum (and blade-less fan) extraordinaire Dyson has revealed a new
handheld vacuum that brings Dyson power and design to a small form
factor.ย The Dyson City DC26 weighs just 8 pounds and is as wide and
thick as a standard sheet of A4 paper.
James Dyson, the Steve Jobs of suck, revealed the new Dyson City DC26
today in London.ย The Dyson team's goal was to compress and contract
the functionality and power of the large-format Dyson vacuum cleaners
into a smal
ler, lighter unit for cramped urban living.ย The team spent five years
on this device, and while the hard details on the DC26's performance
have yet to hit, the availability and price is officially official.ย
The new Dyson City DC26 will begin shipping in the UK tomorrow for pound
As is true to the Dyson brand, the design of the Dyson City DC26 is both
funky and futuristic.ย While it may not transform into Optimus Prime's
boot, it will suck the hell out of an urban apartment and take just one
third of the storage space of its predecessors.ย Also, on a whim, it'll
scare the living hell out of any unwelcome intruder if you just point it
at in their direction.
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