Sunday, 12 September 2010

Apple Tablet vs iPhone Photo Comparison New Apple Tablet & iPhone Picture Gets Leaked

Just a few hours ago some leaked pictures of the tablet circled the
globe. The pictures although masked in order to supposedly hide certain
details, are good enough to fool us into believing that we re looking at
the real thing. Well it looks like we have even more pictures to show
you and this time they re also showing an iPhone on top of the Apple
tablet (picture available after the jump.)
The tablet looks more an
d more real with that iPhone on top of it. It s either real or the
person creating the image is even better at rendering gadgets and should
easily find work as a designer. As you can see there are lots of deleted
parts of the photo. Is the person leaking the photos trying to cover his
or her tracks?
What s really surprising is that with all those hot point-and-shoot
cameras out there, or even cell phones capable of taking up to
8-megapixel pictures, we are still looking at blurred images of upcoming
devices. One logical conclusion is that those people close to the
devices aren t allowed to carry such equipment around the tablet. But if
they managed to sneak in a low-quality camera why not try to sneak an
even better one?
One other conclusion might be that the person taking the photos simply
can t afford a better camera since he or she isn t paid enough for the
services it provides for the company. As a form of retribution he or she
decides to leak the hot product in order to get even with the company,
in this case Apple. But if that s the situation why not reveal the whole
picture? Let us see the cables that emerge from the tablet and all the
other censored details!
Or maybe it s Apple who is leaking stuff in order to keep everyone
focused on the tablet with just a few more hours to go until the event
in San Francisco gets underway.
But again, if the pic is real then we can imagine the tablet to be twice
the iPhone in height, or around 9.5 inches and two and a half times the
iPhone in width or around 6.5 inches. Add or substract 0.5-inch as we re
basically approximating the numbers here and you ll end up with a 10 to
11-inch device that we ll call a tablet. Whatever the tablet looks like
we ll unveil everything for you in a few short hours, so don t go anywhere.
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