Friday, 10 September 2010

3M M2256PW Multi-Touch Desktop Display Uncovered 22-inch LCD Display From 3M Features 10-Finger Multi-Touch

Apparently completely oblivious to the multi-touch controversy in the
mobile phone space, 3M (inventors of the Post-it note) has unveiled a
multi-touch LCD desktop display that comes in at 22-inches, features HD
resolutions, and has support for 10-fingers.Last year, 3M showed off a
19-inch model but they've gone to 22-inches this year as they demoed the
display at CES earlier this month.
The M2256PW display will be capable of a resolution of 1680 x 1050, and
will have DVI and VGA video inputs. The monitors will feature integrated
speakers. For the actual multi-touching interaction, the monitor will
connect to your PC via your choice of a Serial (yuck) or USB output.
Apparently, the monitor will work out of the box with Windows 7 (which
is quite a coup for Redmond) while Vista/XP/Mac/Linux users will have to
wait for 3M to produce drivers for the monitor.
No need to worry about dirty marks on the front of your monitors. 3M
will apply a durable, streak-free, anti-glare front surface over the
front of the monitor. Considering that industrial laminates are one of
3M's core businesses, this probably will be very good. 3M has promised a
high reaction time, with demo units at CES showing a less than 10 ms
reaction time. While 3M's press release only mentions 10-finger support,
those who tried the monitor at CES found it was actually capable of
20-finger tracking.
Despite 3M saying that their 22-inch display will be more consumer
friendly than the 19-inch they produced last year, the device is still
coming in at a high price of $1,500. No word on a release date.
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