Tuesday, 17 August 2010

YouTube Secures Live Sports Streaming Deal It’s Cricket Transmissions Now, All Other Sports to Follow?

YouTube is by far the number one video content provider in the world.
But that doesn t make it perfect. Not unless it s also able to stream TV
shows, featured movies and live sports events. Speaking of sports, it
looks like Google has sealed a deal that will bring live sports
broadcasting to YouTube.
Just yesterday we were talking about Microsoft s intention to offer ESPN
streaming to Xbox 360 users. It looks like Redmond is not alone into
this galloping quest of bringing more streaming services to consumers.
Sports are definitely popular with the population which means content
providers will always want to add a piece of that to their products.
Google s YouTube streaming of live sporting events might be just the
thing ESPN and Microsoft need in order to finalize their negotiations.
After all ESPN wouldn t want to lose any precious time and let the
competition take away its potential clients.
But don t get your hopes up regarding YouTube s upcoming live streaming!
You won t be able to watch the 2010 Winter Olympics on YouTube just yet.
Google only managed to get the rights of streaming cricket for now but
if it will prove a successful enough venture, other sports could follow.
Google will broadcast the Indian Premier League which starts this March.
The company will sign advertising deals with a major global sponsor and
with various local backers as Google hopes to bring in some extra cash
off the whole deal.
Will Google s sports streaming quest turn out to be profitable? Cricket
is very popular in some countries but then again there are other sports
that gather even more crowds. Hopefully the new service will bring
Google enough money in order for them to consider adding extra sports to
YouTube in the very near future. And if YouTube streaming is going to be
disappointing, there s always ESPN to watch, one way or another.
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