Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sling Touch Control 100 Remote Revealed TV Remote Features 4-inch Screen, Unverisal Connectivity

At CES 2010, Sling Media showed off a few new gadgets, one of which was
the Sling Touch Control 100, a very high-end universal remote. The most
noticeable attribute of the remote is the 4.3-inch capacitive LCD touch
screen, which comes with a 272 x 480 resolution.
Sling Media has added a '
soft grip' to the bottom and sides of the remote which make for
comfortable holding during those long TV marathons. The Touch Control
100 will come with a rechargeable lithium-ion which will be recharged by
a sleek docking station. The docking station will sit the remote at an
angle where it can be used while recharging.
The Sling Touch Control 100 will be WiFi enabled and can interact with
likewise set-top boxes via WiFi (we're informed by Sling Media's press
release that most HD DVR's are WiFi-enabled these days), but a trusty IR
sensor will let it interact with all other non-WiFi devices.
On the software side, the Touch Control will be able to program their AV
devices and have the usual remote controls over their devices, like
play, fast forward, etc., all through a sleek touchscreen interface.
It'll also display on-screen programming information, like what you'd
find in the info pane ofย DVR. It also will have a search feature that
will help you search your DVR's listing.
The unfortunate thing – like the new Slingbox from Sling Media,
the Sling Touch Control 100 is only being offered to consumers through
TV service providers. Pricing and availability hasn't been announced
yet, and it's probably dependent on the various TV service providers.
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