Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Samsung TL110 & TL 105 Compact Cameras Get Official Samsung Ultra Slim Point-and-Shoot Cameras to Offer HD Video Recording

Two new Samsung compact cameras have been made officially official.
These are the TL110 and the TL105. Although they re just 0.65-inch thick
you ll be surprised to hear they are capable of recording HD videos
whenever you feel like capturing a new moment of your life.
The TL110 offers a 14.2-megapixel shooter while the TL105 model is only
capable of 12.2-megapixel pictures. Both cameras come with 2.7-inch LCDs
on the back, and 5x or 4x optical zoom, respectively.
The cameras have better wide-angle lenses. The TL110 is equipped with a
27 wide-angle lens while the TL105 has a 27.5mm wide-angle lens. Like
any other respectable point-and-shoot cameras, these two models will
also offer a bunch of special features and appropriate effects in order
to improve your whole photography taking experience. You get to play
with image effects such as Fisheye and Lomo and select from various
Photo Styles for your subjects. The new Sketch and DeFog Clear/Fog
Lifting will also be very helpful as they will let you take clearer
photos even when hazy outside.
No doubt about it, the the best feature of the new cameras is the HD
video recording support. Both the TL110 and the TL105 can record video
at a resolution of 720p at 30 fps using H.264 compression. Bundle the
video recording capabilities with features like Samsung s advanced scene
recognition technology or the Smart Auto for both pictures and videos
and you ll be able to capture even better videos with your compact cameras.
Mr. SJ Park, CEO of Samsung Digital Imaging Company had this to say
about the amazing new cameras:
�Consumers want portability in a point and shoot, and we think our
ultra-slim TL110 and TL105 address that desire. Despite their size, both
the TL110 and TL105 are feature-packed and ideal for beginner and
advanced photographers who want a well-equipped but easy to use, compact
camera. �
Unfortunately he did not reveal any pricing details for these two brand
new Samsung cameras but they are coming next month, so stay tuned!
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