Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Samsung Adding Three New All-In-Ones New All-In-One PCs To Feature MultiTouch Touchscreens, Core 2 Duo, Korean Only Release

Samsung is planning to unleash three new All-In-One PCs on their native
South Korea. One of the new computers will come equipped with an Atom
processor and a small screen, while the other two will come with full
sized Core 2 Duo processors and multitouch touchscreens.
The first new model, the Samsung MU100 will have an undisclosed screen
size that will be smaller than 20 inches and will not be a touchscreen.
The computer will ship with an Intel Atom N450 Pine Trail processor, and
2GB of RAM. It'll also have Windows 7 Home Premium, on-board graphics,
and 320GB of HDD space. Not exactly appealing, but it'll likely come in
at a cheap price.
The second model, the Samsung MU200 will feature a 20-inch touchscreen,
and will come with an Intel Pentium T4400 – yes, they still make
Pentiums. 2GB of RAM will be included, and graphics will be supplied by
a NVIDIA GeForce 310 card, with 512MB of VRAM. Unfortunately, the
GeForce 310 is not apart of NVIDIA's next-generation card line up, it's
simply a rebadged GeForce 200-series card, so you'll miss out on Fermi
and DirectX 11.
The high-end model of Samsung's new All-In-Ones is the Samsung MU250.
It'll feature an ample 23-inch touchscreen that is capable of full HD
1080p resolutions. It will come with an Intel Core 2 Duo T6600
processor, which is designed for notebooks and other lower power
solutions. 3GB of RAM is included, as well as a 500GB hard drive and the
same GeForce 310 graphics solutions.
While these models are shipping exclusively to South Korea, no word on a
potential European or US release – and no word on what Samsung
will charge their prospective buyers.
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