Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Motorola to Launch 20 to 30 Android Phones in 2010? Motorola Rides the Android Wave and Likes It

We already know that Motorola loves Android. It s the OS that s
responsible for their impressive comeback in the mobile business. No
more RAZR followers that weren t doing us much good anymore! And
Motorola will make sure that its bold Android venture will pay off.
But to launch 20 to
30 phones in a single year that s something completely �out of the box.
� Is Motorola trying to impress everyone? Does it want to crowd the
Android market and make sure it will sell plenty of devices? In case
everything does turn out to be true then we ll see a new Motorola phone
arriving every 2 to 3 weeks. Is that something feasible, economically
speaking? Shouldn t Moto focus into making just a few handsets that are
really dependable? You know, like its main competitor does, and yes I am
talking about that one company that only has a phone that changes every
According to CNET Asia it seems that Motorola will launch 20 to 30
smartphones globally and �at this moment � all of them will be
Android-based. Motorola did declare earlier on that it won t make any
Windows Mobile handsets until Redmond launches Windows Mobile 7. In case
that happens this year then we might just see Sanjay Jha, Moto s CEO,
announce a few Windows Mobile 7 smartphones too.
Now don t expect me to tell you the names and features of the upcoming
phones since there is no actual leaked roadmap for 2010 to look at. But
the MOTOROI, the company s latest phone, does suggest that Motorola is
trying to make better and better smartphones this year. Does that mean
that the upcoming 20 Android handset from Motorola will all be superior
to the Droid and the MOTOROI? I hope HTC also gets a note of this and
starts leaking 2010 Android plans too.
Let s quickly go through all the Motorola Android devices available to
date:Motorola CLIQ or DEXT in some countries Motorola DROID or MILESTONE
in some markets Motorola BACKFLIP Motorola MOTOROI Motorola
Shadow/Mirage " Google Nexus Two candidate Motorola Opus One " iDEN
Android phone Motorola XT701, MT710 and XT800 " China bound Motorola La
As you can see we did cover all Motorola Android rumors so far so we re
definitely ready to look at 20 to
30 more Motorola handsets. What about you? Ready for more Motorola
Android in your life?
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