Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Motorola MOTOROI Android Phone Coming to the USA This Spring Motorola MOTORO Android Smartphone not a Korean Exclusive?

Just yesterday we showed you Motorola s latest creation, the MOTOROI, a
phone that s supposed to be sold in Korea by SK Telecom. According to
recent information it would appear that the MOTOROI is not a Korean
exclusive and the phone could b
e unveiled in various other markets including the USA at some point
later this spring.
The MOTOROI is definitely a dependable Android handset and a great
alternative to the Motorola Droid or the Google Nexus One. We have
already shown you the specs of the MOTOROI yesterday but we ll gladly
repeat everything for you:3.7-inch touchscreen display HD WVGA
resolution: 480 x 854 Google services integration: Google Maps, Gmail,
YouTube, Google Talk Widget support 8-megapixel camera with Xenon flash
and 720p HD video recording HDMI support DMB connectivity and up to 24
TV and audio channels for free 3.5mm headphone jack 8GB storage space
microSD support up to 32GB docking station multitouch support 5
text-input methods: 3×4 keypad, full QWERTY and half QWERTY
keyboard, hand writing and writing pad Android 2.0
Confirming the U.S. launch was surprisingly the senior vice president of
SK Telecom, Mr. Bae Joon-Dong while Rick Wolochatiuk, president of
Motorola Korea said that the Android device is going to reach other
markets too.
However we have no idea when the new phone is coming to the USA and we
can t tell you at this time how much it will cost and what carrier will
launch it. Surely either one of the Big Four will be more than happy to
get this MOTOROI deal. The phone has some outstanding features that
customers will certainly enjoy. In fact, the MOTOROI could be an even
better choice than the Droid or the Nexus One. So hang on to your
wallets for now while we wait for Moto to announce the smartphone s
availability in other markets.
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