Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Korg Kaossilator Pro Synthesizer Pad Revealed Korg Updates Kaossilator Synth Control Pad At NAMM 2010

Korg has updated its Kaossilator synthesizer pad platform with a new
version that adds a sampler, vocoder and effects.ย The Korg Kaossilator
Pro Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer and Loop Recorder takes the torch from
the original Korg Kaossilator that brought fun, dynamic control
functionality to live and studio electronic musicians.
The Korg Kaossilator Pro is a dynamic phrase synthesi
zer and loop recorder that provides x-y touchscreen control of a
synthesizer and looped recordings, but now adds samples, effects and
vocoder processing to the bundle.ย While the original Korg Kaossilator
was a simple, battery-powered synth, the Pro version adds some serious
functionality that can be an all-in-one music production tool for DJ
sets and a nice addition to a studio electronic musician's creative
palette.ย This one requires a DC plug and adds a bit more weight than
the original Kaossilator, but the added functionality makes these snags
The Kaossilator's phrase synthesizer gives its user 200 Korg-quality
synth sounds to choose from, then a variety of scales, arpeggios and
phrases to build a dynamic library of riffs for each individual synth
sound.ย In laymans terms, this allows the Kaossilator Pro's user to
select a sound, like a synth bass, then choose a preset or customized
melody that this synth bass will then play back.ย On top of this, the
Kaossilator Pro also allows its users to create a manual melody from the
ground up and store it as a preset loop that can be accessed on the fly
using the unit's glowing central screen.ย Add samples, a vocoder effect
option and the ultra-cool control pad, the Kaossilator Pro becomes a
well-rounded introduction to electronic music making or a nice addition
to the experienced DJ's set gear.
The Kaossilator Pro Synthesizer will begin shipping in March for $400 USD.
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