Wednesday, 11 August 2010

iPhone OS 4.0 to Come with Multitasking Support? Apple Tablet Now Rumored to be Called iTablet

I hope you didn t expect not to see any rumors regarding Apple s new
iPhone OS this week. Version 4.0 is getting closer every minute as it s
going to be unveiled at Apple s tablet dedicated media event. And
speaking of the tablet, we hear that it could bear a rather logical, and
boring, name, the iTablet instead of the iSlate.
But let s take things slow, shall we? Speaking of iPhone OS 4.0 reports
say that Apple will introduce some �new ways � of multitasking and
syncing. Multitasking is definitely something iPhone users have been
waiting for a long while and it s about time they got it. The rumored
dual-core processor should definitely help with that although we have at
least six more months to go until the iPhone 4G comes to life.
One other interesting feature might be the introduction of the
Placebase-made mapping system that should replace Google s Google Maps.
Back in 2009 we told you how Apple has purchased Placebase, a company
that could rival Google when it comes to maps and GPS-like solutions.
With the introduction of the tablet that s supposed to run iPhone OS we
might see Placebase s services finally revealed under Apple s rule.
Multitouch gesture controls will be available throughout the OS in a
move that should make the user interface even easier to use.
Unfortunately those of you that are still playing with the very first
iPhone might not be able to install iPhone OS 4.0 just yet as the new OS
is made for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and beyond.
But no matter how cool iPhone OS 4.0 is going to be, the star of the
show next week will be the tablet. Rumored to be called the iSlate for a
long while now, the device might surprise us with other names. Called
the iTablet according to some or the iPad according to others, the
tablet should be a great device no matter what its real name will be. We
expect even more rumors in the following days, so stay tuned!
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