Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Free Streaming Music Heading to Apple? Apple Discusses Free Music with Four Major Labels; iTunes Cloud Music Streaming Support Coming Soon

While people keep talking about the upcoming tablet, the iPhone 4G and
iPhone OS 4.0 Apple execs are busy with something totally different, but
ly related to the core of their business. It looks like Apple is
interested in offering free streaming music to its customers and given
that iTunes is a big part of portable Apple gadgets such a
free-of-charge music service will be very well welcomed.
Although not confirmed yet it, looks Apple wants to bring the music to
the cloud. Thus the user will be able to access music from any connected
devices. The music would be stored and streamed from the cloud although
this will imply some heavy Internet use from consumers. But with all the
wireless hotspots around available today, music streaming might just
happen sooner than expected. Not to mention it will free up some of that
storage space that one could use for depositing other stuff instead of
music files. Say more games maybe?
Lala, a music company familiar with music streaming services was
acquired by Apple in December for $85 million. Following the purchase
analysts expect Apple to use the newly gained technology to transform
iTunes into a cloud-based music store. Our future playlists will be
pushed to the cloud and thus they will be easily accessible from
anywhere on Earth where there s an Internet connection.
Apple is said to have met with four major music labels regarding the new
music service but I think it s highly unlikely for the Cupertino-based
company to launch a new version of iTunes next week. Free-of-charge
music streaming is definitely something achievable and the cloud idea
could benefit a lot of Apple faithful customers. But there s no
indication that Apple has been preparing a new iTunes version for the
January 27 media event. And we all know how last time Apple updated
iTunes its new features have been leaked well ahead of the actual launch.
What about you? Ready for some cloud-based music streaming?
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