Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Copia eBook Reader Platform To Compete With Amazon Copia To Focus On Social Networking, Multiple Readers

A new startup looks like a real threat to Amazon's combined
Kindle-Kindle Store ecosystem. Copia will be an open platform that will
not only sell you eBooks to multiple eReaders, but through an online
portal, they're building in social networking features, like book
reviews, friends lists, and online discussion groups.
Copia will be selling books, newspapers, magazines, and other digital
content on their platform, and even hinted at an app store, although
apps on a black and white E Ink screen might be less than exciting.
Copia is actively looking to partner with other companies to have them
include the Copia platform into their devices.
To start the trend, Copia's parent company DMC Worldwide is planning to
release two new eReaders that will be connected to the Copia platform.
The devices, called Ocean and Tidal, are pretty average looking eBook
Readers, with E Ink screens, WiFi and 3G connectivity. They'll cost
between $200 and $300, and will ship in April 2010.
The success of the Copia platform depends on how many other eBook
manufacturers adapt the platform. Amazon's ecosystem of the Kindle and
Kindle Store has been impenetrable, and Copia seems like it could be a
strong contender to challenge them – however, if the platform is
only adapted by DMC and their eReaders, it'll seem like Copia is simply
their own iTunes-like service, and the DMC name isn't big enough to draw
attention like an Apple, Amazon or Sony would be.
The private beta of the Copia site is starting this month, with the
public beta opening in March 2010.
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